Like every pet owner, I feel a huge responsibility to keep Jax safe.  When I thought I had lost him, and he didn’t have ID, I knew I had to find a better solution.  Collar ID protects your pet and keeps families together. ”

- Tom, founder of Collar ID

Jax’s Story

My Dad, Tom, adopted me nine years ago. He is the best dad; he feeds me, pets me all the time, and he takes me on lots of adventures!  I know I am a very lucky dog, which made it even more scary when I got lost from Tom.

We often visit the Oregon Coast where I play ball on the beach with Tom, and he sometime surfs. One day, we were hanging out on the beach, and I got distracted by a small, moving object and wandered off.  All of a sudden I couldn’t see Tom anymore.  I didn’t know what to do.  Other people walked by me, but I didn’t have my collar on. Tom had taken it off earlier in the car, because every time I moved, it made so much noise and drove us both crazy.  Now, I was lost and had no ID!   I started to get really scared and wanted someone to help me. Finally, I heard Tom calling for me, and I ran as fast I could to him. What if someone else had taken me, or I had never found Tom?

Thankfully, Tom was just as scared as I was, and after he lectured me on not running off, he told me he was going to make sure I never was another unidentified collar! He told me he was going to find a product that I could wear on my collar and was noise-free, so if I ever wandered off again (I swore I wouldn’t), someone could contact Tom and get me home safely.

I think Tom is the smartest Dad ever.  He created Collar ID for me and for you!  It’s super easy to use; you just put the Velcro cuff on the collar and instantly have identification without the noise!  Plus, Tom put in a “slocket” on the inside of the cuff to hold licensing and rabies tags, so you can be safe and legal! The good news is it so easy to take on and off, so when Tom switches my collar to support our favorite football team or so I look good on Halloween,  I don’t have to sit in one place very long while he does it!

I am so happy Tom is my dad and that he invented the best product ever for pets like me. Collar ID makes me feel safe and loved. Thanks Dad!

jax-paw – Jax