Collar ID is the the ONLY custom pet identification cuff that allows you to easily interchange between your dog or cat’s favorite collars.  The velcro cuff makes it easy to take on and off and still be noise free.  While small pet ID tags may fall off or get caught in objects, Collar ID was designed for durability and safety.

Microchipping your pet is so important but if lost, people won’t know if the pet is microchipped and to take to vet. Collar ID is customizable pet identification with 3 lines for your important Pet ID.  Use the 3rd line to say “microchipped”, so if lost and found, your dog or cat is taken immediately to the vet to be scanned.

Durable material and the double-back velcro design ensures that the Collar ID will remain on your dog or cat’s collar during all the adventures you emBark on.


Dogs & Cats Lost EVERY HOUR
Lost Cats Reunited with Their Families
Lost Dogs Reunited with Their Families
Lost Pets without ID


Pets want to be as in style as their humans.  Changing your pet’s collar is the best way to show their fashion sense and individuality!  Small pet ID tags are tedious and difficult to remove when you change collars and most silent pet tags permanently affix to your pet’s collar.

Collar ID is the new way for your dog or cat to be a fashionable Collar while you celebrate no more small ID tag jingle!  

No matter what adventure you emBark on, Collar ID keeps your family together.

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